I have fond memories of going to the local arcade, $10 in quarters in my pocket, and, while onlookers came and went, wielding a plastic revolver in an epic battle against the hordes of zombies in The House of the Dead. Arcades are now a thing of the past and online leader boards are the new metric of skill. One in which I don’t personally subscribe.

I went to Best Buy today for no other reason other than it was nearby where I had lunch. Wandering around, I came upon a set up of DJ Hero and started playing. Having only read about it, but knowing the general objectives and having a decent sense of rhythm, I picked a few songs, and started playing — on expert. Again, I never have played the game before, but as onlookers passed, I couldn’t help but try harder. It was that same feeling of when I played House of the Dead except instead of blowing away a zombie, it was scratching, sampling, and cross-fading to the beat. I barely passed (only got 2/5 stars), but the thrill was rekindled.

DJ Hero seems like a decent game, but I doubt I’ll ever buy it. For one, the price is a little steep. But mostly, once you master it, what’s next? Go back to Best Buy and show people how it’s done? It’s the same reason I’ll probably never buy another Guitar Hero game. It’s fun to play alone, but if you play with friends after practicing alone you tend to become “that guy”. The guy who has all the songs mastered and can whip anyone’s butt in head-to-head. I think I’d rather just struggle.