I’m going to preface this post by saying I’m currently working off a fever, so I apologize for any incoherent rambling. But I just started thinking about both Pokemon Go and Hearthstone and how Hearthstone could have blown up bigger than it did. More »


When I had first heard about The Astonishing in December, I was excited: a concept album, 34 tracks, over 2 hours long, a cast of characters with a map, and a huge backstory. More »

Trips to New York are usually such a blur; we only spent 24 hours there, 2 of which were devoted to the MoMA. While I would have loved to sit and take in each piece for more than a minute or two, time just didn’t allow for that, so I’m glad that I brought my DSLR. Being able to go back and focus in on the details you may have missed is a godsend. More »

For whatever reason, Blizzard decided to send me an invitation into the technical alpha of Heroes of the Storm. Now, I’m more than happy to play and test their game, but I really didn’t think I’d be the best person for the alpha. More »

If you click on my profile from my previous post, you’ll find a completely different build that what I’m currently using (which, will probably change again in a week). But here’s the current state of my Wizard. More »

Reaper of Souls has been out for about a week now, so I wanted to share my melee wizard build. More »

As promised, here’s the code for the newest revision of my Sudoku Solver. More »

The recursion in the guessing logic of my old Sudoku solver was flawed — often finishing without a complete puzzle. So I’ve rewritten it and I’ll be putting it in another post after this one. More »

I recently found out two mage tricks that I didn’t know before, so I thought I’d share them. More »

I recently made it into Master’s rank in constructed play using a Rogue minion deck — so let’s break it down More »


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